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Pure Steam Generator
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Pure Steam Generator Details

Typical applications:

Purified water distribution system, heat exchanger, cooling heat exchanger, heat exchanger.

njection water distribution system heating and heat exchanger, cooling and heat exchanger.

Water point heat exchanger for purifying water and injection water.

Material temperature control heat exchanger.

Design features:

The product complies with the BPE AsME Healthy Structural Design Standard.

The product meets GMP requirements.

The shell side of the expansion joint prevents large temperature differences caused by the heat exchanger rupture.

Expand the double-tube board design to prevent the temperature difference between the leaking heat exchangers of the high-cleaning net material from being too large.

High pressure capacity, can be used for high pressure operation.

Manufacturing Features:

We have accumulated more than ten years of experience in manufacturing heat exchangers and multi-effect distilled water machines.

According to the user's requirements, the machine can choose between traditional strength expansion and hydraulic expansion.

● We use the best technology to achieve automatic welding.

● U-tubes are manufactured using special equipment to ensure that the pipes are hardly deformed.

● Surface roughness can range from Ra0.8 to Ra0.3.

● Strict quality control procedures.

● Pass X-ray non-destructive testing.

● Pass hydraulic testing and testing.

● Passivated by mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing.

● Detection by surface roughness.

● Complies with the GMp certification requirements.

● Perfect factory acceptance test.

● The tube bundle is not bent.

● Multi-lead design.

● Comprehensive evacuation design.

Production capacity:

The standard equipment model table shows the production capacity of the equipment at a pure steam pressure of 3 bar and an industrial steam pressure of 6 bar. If the actual production capacity of a certain type of equipment is to be obtained, the production capacity of the conversion factor must be calibrated according to the actual working pressure.

Model selection example:

●Industrial steam pressure: 7bar

●Required pure steam pressure: 2bar

●The highest demand for pure steam: 500kg / h

● Conversion factor: 1.7

●Specified output requirements: 500 / 1.7 = 294kg / h

●Model selection: PSG 300 DTS

Public work needs:

● Industrial saturated steam, no impurities and corrosive substances, the maximum pressure is 9 bar.

● The water for injection must be deionized water that does not contain silicon, chlorine, amines and volatiles. The required pressure is 1-2bar.

● Power standard: according to customer requirements.

● Dry, oil-free, clean compressed air, the minimum pressure required is 6 bar.

Technical parameters of Clean Steam Generator

Intel pressure of industrial steam is 0.3MPa and the purse steam working pressure is 0.2Mpa